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The Last Twist of the Knife by João Almino

In this 2017 novel, translated by Elizabeth Lowe into English as The Last Twist of the Knife, Brazilian writer João Almino establishes a series of difficult hurdles for himself, almost as if purposely creating nearly impossible, Oulipo-like challenges.

-Douglas Messerli, Rain Taxi


Happy People in Tears by João de Melo

Happy People in Tears is an award-winning tale of diaspora that takes the reader on a voyage through five worlds -- the island home of S o Miguel, mainland Portugal, California, New England, and Canada -- experienced and suffered through the obsessive search for happiness of a poor Azorean family of nine.

The Only Happy Ending for a Love Story is an Accident by J.P. Cuenca

A story told by a silicone doll and a Japanese salary-man, voices rising out of the cacophony of Tokyo, which the author describes as "walking into a nightmare."